It’s ok to accept defeat, come face to face with failure, and admit to your “goats” (weaknesses). Sometimes, you just have to start off a new post with a statement that most people may view as shocking. This could be because, as a coach, it’s my job to encourage you to test your limits and push boundaries that you haven’t in a while. However, it’s also my job as a coach to tell you that sometimes, throwing in the white towel is the right thing to do.

A huge part of CrossFit is realizing that we’re capable of doing a lot more than we thought we could. Maybe that’s doing a one handed handstand, busting out our first strict pull-up, or setting a new squat PR (personal record) with a big new weight. It’s exciting, if not exhilarating, and it makes us crave more. Once one boundary is broken, it opens doors to many more that we want to start knocking on.

Pushing those boundaries is great, but sometimes we have to accept that a boundary may not be ready to be broken down. In CrossFit, we perform high rep counts of movements we likely otherwise wouldn’t. For the sake of this post, let’s use kettle bell swings as an example. Maybe the workout is similar to todays; 8 Minute AMRAP of 5 back squats and 10 American kettle bell swings. What if, after four minutes, my lower back starts to feel a little odd (maybe even slightly painful)?

This is when, as a coach, I would actually suggest you relax. Scale back the workout, lower your weight, or let someone know that something just doesn’t feel right. It is ok to show a “weakness” (though these aren’t weaknesses at all), and keep your body in good shape to come back the next day. Every once in a while, we all get small tweaks whether it be a muscle or our joints. These small discomforts are the bodies way of telling us that they’re under stress, and need rest.

It’s human nature to down play or ignore minor pains and strains. No one likes to admit when something is wrong, and we all like to think we can toughen up and fight through it. Sometimes, however, we should listen and take some rest when our bodies are flashing the “check engine” light. Taking a week away from overhead movements because your shoulder feels funny could be the difference between hitting pull-up PR’s or not hitting any pull-ups at all.

This isn’t to say that as we cruise through life, and fitness, that we shouldn’t push our boundaries. We should push boundaries that we are comfortable pushing whenever the opportunity is presented, fitness or otherwise. When it comes to fitness however, we should all learn to understand the difference between our bodies being tired and our bodies warning us that something just isn’t right.
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Classroom Is Now In Session
May 22, 2014 by Sam Karoll Leave a Comment

It sure has been a while since I’ve posted a new blog article. In fact, it has been far to long and that’s about to change. For those of you that have read previous posts, you know that I write how I talk, with humor and honesty (and I’m sure there are a few grammar/punctuation errors in the mix). We get questions all of the time why we do what we do in class. Why do we;

    Do pull ups?
    What are the muscles used?
    What’s good food to eat before and after a workout?
    And many more.

So, thanks to the request of my 12pm class (good bunch), I will be starting a series of blogs called “Class Is In Session.” However, to make this series of articles the best that it can be, I need YOUR feedback. That’s right, you. I need people to ask questions about things you want to know! Then, I’ll pick some of the best ones and write about them in detail to better explain why it is.

I’m sure plenty of you have questions already, which is great! Drop some of them in the comments below this article on our website. The amount of parts to this series depends on the amount of great questions everyone asks. So keep them coming, and I will continue to do my best in answering them.