Alright, so a topic of discussion that I hear all of the time while coaching is calluses and how to manage them. As such, I thought I would try and point out a few different ways to solve this problem and to keep you from ripping your hands. As much as some might think it’s a “badge of honor,” it’s more like a workout hindering injury that could have you missing PRs and a good WOD. So here we go;

TIP 1;

Good ol’ soap and water with a good lotion after your WOD. This goes for the fellas too since I know most don’t like the idea of using lotion because it’s “girly.” Well, we will see what you’re saying when you rip some skin off the palm of your hand! I personally hit up Bath and Body Works and pick up some good stuff. It keeps your skin hydrated and less likely to callus up as quickly.

So Tip 1 is easy; wash your hands with soap and water immediately after the WOD to get the chalk off of your hands and then apply a good lotion to rehydrated your skin. Prevent a rip before a rip occurs.

TIP 2;

A good ol’ pumice stone (a lava rock will work as well). Every few days after a nice warm shower or after soaking your hands in epson salts (calluses hate it), thoroughly rub your hands down with a pumice stone. These cheap wondrous marvels work miracles on calluses and will leave enough protection on your hands that bar work or pull-ups don’t hurt to bad. Jake and I use RIPT Skin Systems care kits found here; Let us know if you want us to stock some at Shadow :).

Tip 2 in a nutshell; grind those calluses down after a nice hot shower and say goodbye to “man hands” and thick calluses. Other things that do the job are; dremel tool, sand paper, file, lava rock, and ped eggs!

Tip 3;

Callus shavers, razors, and tiny little scissors are perfect for trimming off HUGE calluses. This is my own go-to method that have kept my hands from taring after a lot of training each week. I personally use the Leatherman MICRA or a small pair of swiss army knife scissors. Lay the scissors down flat against the callus and trim. Below you’ll find links to the MICRA and a callus shaver.


Callus Shaver:

If you get some wicked thick calluses, and need them gone, Tip 3 should be your go to solution to hammer them down.

To Sum it Up;

Use all three techniques! Wash your hands and lotion up after a WOD, use a pumice stone to keep those calluses small, and if they get to big then take them down a notch with a callus shaver or a tiny pair of scissors!

Hope you found this useful in your pursuit to keeping your hands in good shape. As always, drop any comments or questions below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!