New Site, New Possibilities

Welcome to our new website! We've been working quietly in the background on creating a better environment for our community to gather information, get in touch with us, and discover new content regularly! 

If you browse around our site, you might notice a few new things.

Our Blog Page; 

We've redone our blogging system so that we can easily publish new, educational content to you on a regular basis. Soon we will be striving to provide you with useful information and answers to questions we've been asked over the years. 

If you have a question that you'd like to see a blog post about, please use our contact page to let us know or like us on Facebook to drop us a line! We want to write about the content our readers are interested in hearing about.

A Nutritional Information Tab;

You'll notice a new "Nutrition" tab in the upper righthand side of our website. When you're done reading this article, you should go check it out! We wrote useful information down about The Zone Diet, what exactly the diet consists of, and how to figure out how many blocks you should be eating. You can also contact us, member or not, for custom nutritional advice as well as Q&A whenever you have them. 

No matter how hard you work in the gym, a poor diet will cause you to never reach your goals!

NEW Membership's Tab;

The first thing you might notice when looking through this page, is that there are a few new membership programs! We are now offering the following in the very near future;

- Little Beast's Program; this will be our new kids program being offered here at Shadow. We are still working out the details as to when it will be launched, and who it will be coached by. Don't worry, we will keep you posted! The goal of this program is to introduce kids to movement, nutrition, and brain games to keep your kids mentally/physically stimulated! 

- The No Sweat Intro Program;  soon to become our new, required method of joining Shadow CrossFit. This will be a one-on-one, personal training style introductory course. This course will cover some of our foundational movements (squat, pull, and press variations) as well as nutrition and goal setting! We want to make sure you're reaching your goals, and feel comfortable doing so.

We hope you enjoy our new website! As you're browsing around, please feel free to contact us if you see any errors or know topics you'd love to see on our blog.

- Team Shadow