Dear Athlete,

     You and I haven't spoke in a while, and I think it's time we caught up. Lately, I feel like you've been ignoring me or pushing me aside. You've called me things like; cheating, unfair, slacking, and "the easy way out." It honestly hurts my feelings, and I think we have a misunderstanding as to what exactly I do for you.

     When you look at the board and see a 225lbs deadlift in the WOD (workout of the day,) you know that it's past a limit that you see as safe. That's when I come in! I'm the one putting their arm around you to tell you that it's ok to do less weight, that it isn't cheating or taking an easy way out. Despite that, Mr. and Mrs. Ego always come along and tell you otherwise.

     So it can be hard being me, and getting through to you. The Ego's are a hard pair to beat, especially when you spend more time with them than you do me. I've met the Ego's a few times, they can be great company when the time is right! However, sometimes it's better to have me with you when things get tough. 

     Besides keeping you safe, I'm also the one who cheers you on as you progress from step-ups to box jumps and assisted pull-ups to the very first time you finish one on your own. I'm there for you through it all. I know you may not like what I have to say sometimes. Sometimes I don't even like what I have to say! But I say it for a reason.

     When you're injured, or something is nagging you, I'm also the friend telling you to step back a little bit on your movements so that you can heal. Letting you know that it's ok to not do overhead work when your shoulder is bothering you for awhile, so that we can do it together when you feel brand new again. This isn't you being weak, and it isn't you complaining. As athletes, we need to remind one another that a short term loss is worth a long term gain. 

"That scaling today, means we can hangout with the RX's tomorrow..."

     Hopefully we can get together sometime, and catch up. Talk about how the next time we look at that board, and see something beyond your limit, that maybe my advice is actually worth taking! That scaling today, means we can hangout with the RX's tomorrow (I hear they like ice cream). Maybe the RX's and I can even spend some time with you and the Ego's! Then we can really crush a WOD together. 

Your friend,


PS; I hear coach is bringing donuts to class on Wednesday! #DonutGains