Lifestyle & Diet; The Difference

So you started your fitness journey. You're waking up early, making healthy choices, and ensuring that you have that important time set aside everyday to visit your local gym. You've been putting in the dedication, and you're wanting to see the maximum results of your hard work! 

So What Do You Do?

That's actually a very good question, and one that each of us ask ourselves as we strive to live a healthier life. There are tons of answers out there; sleep well, drink enough water, keep active, etc. The truth is, however, that the best answer someone can give you to see the best possible results is to put just as much effort in your kitchen as you do the gym. 

"You Can't Outwork a Bad Diet" - A true, but sometimes hard to swallow statement.

You see, nutrition plays an important part in getting us to where we want to go. Do you want to gain weight? Eat more food! Do you want to lose weight? Don't eat as much as you have been. Pretty straight forward right? Somewhat. 

When you finally decide to make the leap to a balanced diet, avoid those with terms like;
The 24 Day Fix
10 Day Cleanse
One Week Detox
And so on!

Why do we want to avoid these terms is what you're likely thinking right now, and rightfully so! We are always told to pick a healthy "diet" and stick to it!

A Diet vs Lifestyle Change.

This is the important part, and the one that we want to abide by; a diet is a temporary fix to a long term problem whereas a lifestyle change is a long term solution to a healthier life for years to come. 

I'm sure that each of us have that friend that decided to cut out every carbohydrate in existence and dropped a bunch of weight, great! However, we likely also have that friend that shot the scale right back up once they reintroduced carbohydrates into their diets. This is because, instead of picking something they enjoy and can keep up with for the long term, they picked a "quick fix" that wasn't sustainable (plus, carbs are friends not enemies). 

So that's the difference, and the key to success;

Find a nutritional plan you enjoy, that doesn't cause you to get bored, and one in which you can see yourself maintaining (happily) for a long time!

Hopefully as you're reading this you're beginning to think about whether or not you're on a diet or involved in a lifestyle change. 

If you need help figuring out your lifestyle, don't hesitate to contact us today to touch base with our coaching staff about getting started! We also have a registered dietitian on staff, so if you have special eating restrictions we can create a plan that fits your needs.